Shorten Trousers
Length, Trousers (with tape)
Length, Trousers (with turn up)
Leg Seams, Trousers
False Hem
Waistband, Trousers
New Half Pocket
Replace Crotch
Waistband, Replace Elastic

Shorten Jeans
Length, Jeans (Shorten with original hem)
Leg Seams, Jeans
New Half Pocket
Replace Crotch
Studs, Jeans
Waistband, Jeans

Jacket Back Seam
Jacket with Vent Back Seam
Jacket Shortened
Jacket with Vent Shortened
Jacket Shoulders Casual
Jacket Shoulders Tailored
Jacket Side Seams
Jacket Change Collar
Jacket Sleeves Shortened
Jacket Sleeves with Vent Shortened
Jacket Sleeves lengthened
Jacket Elbow Patches
Jacket Elbow Patches (Leather or Suede)
Jacket Sleeves Narrowed
Jacket Shorten Sleeves with Working Buttonholes
Jacket Buttonhole
Studs, Jacket
Anorak Zips (up to 21")
Anorak Zips (Greater than 21")

Coat Shortened
Coat Shorten with Vent
Coat Back Seam
Coat Side Seam
Coat Shoulders
Change Collar
Coat Sleeves Shortened
Coat Sleeves with Vent Shortened
Coat Sleeves lengthened
Coat Elbow Patches
Coat Elbow Patches (Leather or Suede)
Coat Sleeves Narrowed
Coat Buttonhole

Skirts Shortened
Skirts with Vent Shortened
Skirts Shortened (with lining)
Skirts with Vent Shortened (with lining)
Skirts with Pleats Shortened
Skirt Side Seams
Skirt Side Seams with Zip
Skirt Waistband
Skirt Back Seam
Skirt Replace Elastic Waistband
Skirt Zips

Dress Shortened
Dress with Vent Shortened
Dress take-in Side Seams
Dress with lining take-in Sideseams
Dress with Zip take-in Sideseams
Dress Neckline Alteration
Dress Lift Shoulders
Dress Shorten Sleeves
Dress Shortened from the Waist
Dress Replace Zip

Evening Dresses
Evening Dress Shortened (Straight)
Evening Dress Shortened (Flared)
Evening Dress Lift Shoulders
Evening Dress Lift Shoulders (Beaded or Sequin)
Evening Dress Add Darts
Evening Dress Add Darts (Beaded or Sequin)
Evening Dress Take-In Side Seams
Evening Dress Take-In Side Seams (Beaded or Sequin)
Evening Dress Shortened from the Waist
Evening Dress Shortened from the Waist (Beaded or Sequin)
Evening Dress Zips

Wedding Dresses
Shortened (plain)
Shortened (Beaded or Sequin)
Shortened (scalloped lace)
Side Seams (plain half length)
Side Seams (plain full length)
Side Seams (Beaded or Sequin half length)
Side Seams (Beaded or Sequin full length)
Side Seams (Lace half length)
Side Seams (Lace full length)
Convert Back (Corset Back)
Lift Shoulders (plain)
Lift Shoulders (Beaded or Sequin)
Lift Shoulders (Lace)
Buttons (we supply covered buttons)

Shirts & Blouses
Shorten Shirts & Blouses
Shirt Collar Reversed
Shirt Collar Width
Shirt Button Holes
Shirt Fitting
Shorten Sleeves
Shorten Sleeves - Altering Vent Cuffs
Shirt or Blouse Darts

Lining Clothing
Jacket Sleeves
Jackets Leather
Trousers - Half Lining
Trousers - Full Lining